Biden, Union And San Francisco, Joe Biden Tweeted In Response. “Unions Built The Middle Class In This Country: San Francisco Supervisor Leads Chant Of ‘F–k’ The Police Union?

As CNN noted, “Biden has long enjoyed close ties to labor groups and often attributes his political ascent to unions, referring to them as the ones who ‘brung me to the dance.’” But while Biden’s strength among working-class voters is one reason some observers see him as potentially able to win back Democrats who defected to Donald Trump in 2016, his initial comments about the IAFF endorsement at least raise a question about priorities and strategy.

Biden was born in 1942 and was first elected to the Senate in 1972. Unions were a strong economic force then, and they carried significant political clout, with large, politically active memberships and financial muscle. But the percentage of American workers belonging to unions peaked in the mid-1940s and has been falling ever since

San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer denounced the 2,000-member police union with her middle fingers raised.

San Francisco, CA – A San Francisco Board of Supervisors member led a crowd in a profanity-laced chant against the local police union during an election party on Tuesday night (video below).

The event was being held in honor of public defender Chesa Boudin, who is vying for the San Francisco District Attorney’s seat, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

At one point during the boisterous gathering, San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer took the stage with her middle fingers raised and began yelling “f–k the POA!” video footage showed.

“Hey, so I just got one thing to say, which is ‘f–k the POA,’” Fewer shouted, according to the San Francisco Examiner. “San Francisco, this is what we get when we throw the f–k down. This is the city where we elect a public defender to be our district attorney. What we start here, the nation follows. So, look out.”

People in the crowd chanted along with her, denouncing the nearly 2,000-member San Francisco Police Officer’s Association (POA), the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Footage of the supervisor’s outburst was shared widely on social media.

On Wednesday, POA President Tony Montoya sent a letter to Fewer, demanding that she apologize for her “unhinged attack” on the city’s police force.

Montoya said Fewer’s “hate-filled comments and unstable behavior” were “offensive and unbecoming of an elected official.”

“By leading a public chant of ‘F@%k the POA,’ you stoke anger against our members who already perform a dangerous job every day to protect our residents,” the union president railed. “You show, by example, that it is acceptable to verbally assault officers.”

Montoya accused the supervisor of making police officers’ jobs even more dangerous.

“When you lead a profane verbal attack on the SFPOA, you are in fact attacking San Francisco’s police officers,” he declared. “You should be ashamed, and you owe every hardworking member of the SFPOA an apology.”

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