Kevin McCarthy Sends Urgent Letter to ABC About MIA Epstein Story:

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GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to ABC News President James Goldston with a few questions about the network’s reported decision to spike a story about pedophile and alleged child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who reportedly committed suicide in prison a few months ago. 

Megyn Kelly obtained McCarthy’s letter exclusively and shared it on her Instagram account on Sunday.

The GOP leader lists six specific questions for Goldston, taking an urgent tone because we are dealing with an alleged human trafficking operation:

  1. Will ABC News provide Congress the interview Ms. Robach conducted with the victim?
  2. What did ABC News learn about Jeffrey Epstein after Ms. Robach first presented her story to executives?
  3. Who was involved in deciding this story was not of public interest, and what were their reasons for deciding so?
  4. Can Ms. Robach expand on the “outside forces” she mentioned as potentially responsible for the story not running?
  5. Was ABC News ever presented with additional evidence on Mr. Epstein from the time Mr. Robach first brought her investigation to the network and when he was ultimately arrested?
  6. Were authorities alerted at any time after Ms. Robach presented ABC News executives with her reporting? If so, when and what was provided?

In a series of Project Veritas videos released earlier this month, former ABC News reporter Amy Robach got candid about how the network refused to air her chilling report on Epstein a few years ago. She had firsthand information from one of Epstein’s accusers about how he had allegedly molested women and minors. He has been accused of pimping young girls and forcing them to have sex with hundreds of men.

Robach was seeking justice and “ABC News chose to bury the truth,” McCarthy regretted.

Kelly scored another exclusive a few weeks back in which she interviewed former ABC News producer Ashley Bianco, who was fired by CBS for reportedly leaking the video clip of Robach criticizing ABC News for nixing her Epstein story. Bianco told Kelly they got the wrong girl. She didn’t leak the video to Project Veritas. Which leaves us with another question: Did CBS fire the wrong person? The real leaker is still at ABC, according to Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe.

ABC News has denied reports that they killed Robach’s story.

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