Michael Mann, Lose it’s over Australia Bushfires?

Leading Climate Alarmist Freaks Out over Australia Bushfires?

Michael Mann, arguably the world’s no. 1 climate alarmist, writes Wednesday that he is “watching climate change in action” while on holiday in Australia.

In a Guardian essay titled “Australia, your country is burning – dangerous climate change is here with you now,” Mann, best known for his debunked “hockey stick” graph showing unprecedented 20th-century global warming after centuries of supposed level temperatures, says he is witnessing the devastating effects of climate change “first hand

Mann writes that he took his family “to see the Great Barrier Reef – one of the great wonders of this planet – while we still can.”

“Subject to the twin assaults of warming-caused bleaching and ocean acidification, it will be gone in a matter of decades in the absence of a dramatic reduction in global carbon emissions,” Mann prophesies.

The Blue Mountains, as well, “another of Australia’s natural wonders,” Mann laments, “is now threatened by climate change.”

“I witnessed this firsthand,” he states.

Mann does not explain how it was possible for him to witness climate change “first hand,” which would be difficult to do, since by definition climate change — unlike weather — takes place over long periods of time.

Instead of “vast expanses of rainforest framed by distant blue-tinged mountain ranges,” Mann looked out into “smoke-filled valleys, with only the faintest ghosts of distant ridges and peaks in the background.”

“The locals, whom I found to be friendly and outgoing, would volunteer that they have never seen anything like this before. Some even uttered the words ‘climate change’ without any prompting,” Mann declares, as apparent proof that he was witnessing climate change “first hand.”

Mann goes on to make proclamations that only a publication as ideologically compromised as the Guardian would think to publish.

“The brown skies I observed in the Blue Mountains this week are a product of human-caused climate change,” Mann states.

“The warming of our planet – and the changes in climate associated with it – are due to the fossil fuels we’re burning: oil, whether at midnight or any other hour of the day, natural gas, and the biggest culprit of all, coal,” he declares. https://www.breitbart.com/environment/2020/01/02/leading-climate-alarmist-freaks-out-over-australia-bushfires/

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