For Democrats, Power Isn’t Everything — It’s the Only Thing

The partisan impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump is little more than the Democrats’ latest attempt to gain what has always been the object of their party’s desire: political power.  To the end of obtaining power, the Democratic Party has supported every tyrannical and immoral policy — from slavery to confiscatory taxation to abortion — presented in the political domain over the past two hundred years.  Paraphrasing Vince Lombardi: For the Democrats, power isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.

Aiding and abetting this impeachment process are the mainstream media, whose portrayal of the Democratic primary candidates as the cool cats from Ocean’s 11(when from a political perspective they actually resemble the mutants of The Island of Dr. Moreau), combined with an unceasing barrage of Trump-hatred, would seem to offer the Democrats an unbeatable advantage in the 2020 race.  Why, then, is such feverish energy being channeled into impeachment, which will likely die on the vine in the Senate led by recent pro-Trump ally Mitch McConnell?  Because with Democrats, some things never change.  Trump’s dogged refusal to back down in the face of all their shenanigans simply aggravates their rabid and insatiable lust for power.  By pursuing impeachment, they are aiming to harass the president into resignation.  If that fails, they hope to weaken him sufficiently that whichever candidate emerges from the Democratic primary will actually win the Electoral College in 2020.

To achieve their current goal of ousting Trump, perhaps the Pelosi-Schiff-Nadler cabal decided to study their party’s history, because their conduct in their persecution of President Trump looks remarkably like that of their party forefathers in two analogous cases.  In the first analogue, today’s nefarious bunch have taken a page from the playbook of their Democratic predecessors who successfully dislodged a Republican executive near the end of Reconstruction.

Southern Democrats tasted blood in the water subsequent to the 1874 midterm elections, when, like the undead, their party rose from the political grave dug for them at Appomattox Court House in 1865.  Having regained control of Congress, the Democrats ramped up their efforts to conquer the state governments of the old Confederacy.  In 1875, Adalbert Ames — a Civil War veteran and Radical Republican who favored civil rights for the freedmen — was in the middle of his term as governor of Mississippi.  Former slave and one of the first blacks to serve in Congress John Roy Lynch recounted in The Facts of Reconstruction (published in 1913) that winning control of the Mississippi Legislature was insufficient for the Democrats:

[T]the Democrats could not afford to wait until Governor Ames’ term expired.  They were determined to get immediate control of the State Government.  There was only one way in which this could be done, and that was by impeachment.

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